The Dragon lives again!!

October 22, 2009

so after purchasing a new motor, throwing some seals in and rod bearings, our new motor is in and running strong. We also cut out the converter and welded in a straight pipe to give the car a racier tone. Hope to hit the track in the spring with a vengance.

The Dragon will be on display at the Porsche of the Village in cincinnati Nov.14th – go to in the events section for the Porsche Palooza event.

Cursed Dragon

October 7, 2009

well the Dragon made it to the Lemons race on thursday, and received alot of attention. Friday we drove through tech w/ no problems and got 15 BS laps from the judges for being a Porsche and we bribed them w/ some scotch. We found out that our lights were inadequate for the night driving so we attached some factory lights to our header panel and wired them up Saturday morning which worked great. The team voted me to take the first stint out and withing a half hour i was back in w/ overheating issues, which ended up being  a split hose, no thermostat and a blown head gasket. Several hours later we were back on track and running great. We all got another seat in the car before midnight when we were voted peoples curse- why i will never know. The judges carried out the punishment by pouring a gallon of sodium silicate into the oil of our car and having us drive it back to our paddock. This basically clogged up all of the oil ports in the motor and eventually lead to its demise. WE did send Van out for one last flying lap around the track before it died though.

Not to worry, tonite we bought a new motor for the dragon and in the next few weeks it’ll be breathing fire once again. The Dragon will be back, with a vengence.

Leaving Tomorrow!

October 1, 2009

after work tomorrow the Dragon heads towards Nelson Ledges road course for our debut race. The car is loaded to the window sills w/ spares and tools,and the truck as well. Hopefully the weather cooperates while we are there although its calling for rain a day or two.

One week to go!!

September 28, 2009

well with one week to go Dragon Somethin’ is in good shape for the race. Got our numbers cut out the other day w/ the windshield banner and stuck those all on, mounted our Halon extinguisher (from my garage wall) in the car w/ a metal braket since HD doesnt have them anymore apparently, and finished our seatbelt install after US Race Gear donated the parts we were missing. We also have one sponsor kicking in money for gas w/ yet another sticker to install. I took the car on a trailer over to the VW Porsche reunion show today and signed up to show just for laughs. Lots of pictures taken and people checking out the Dragon- especially kids. Funny part is due to crappy cold wet weather alot of people bailed early and i ended up winning a TOP20 award w/ the car!!! Pretty funny i thought. Started tonite packing for the race- lots and lots of crap inside the car- she is loaded down. Wish us luck.

finishing details

September 19, 2009

The Dragon is in its final stretch towards completion finally.  Installed the rally lights switch and wiring today for our nightime runs, mounted a horn button to the dash for the air horns under the front of the car, and painted a Lemons logo on the front valance. Still waiting for the fifth belt hardware to finish that off, but otherwise we are almost there. We will prob. end up putting some better rear pads on the car, we just installed Hawk Blue pads in the front the other day.

Dragon First Flight!

September 13, 2009

Five of the six team members converged on the garage today to finish up a long list of projects we needed to complete.  After installing the rear swaybar, changing the trans fluid and motor oil/filter, timing belt and water pump, castor block, installing the rollbar padding and adjusting the seat, and changing the clutch slave…. and bleeding the brakes, and installing some harnesses and stickers…we took her out. Figured out we need some front camber but overall the car seems very solid- cant wait to race!

Scaling the Dragon

September 9, 2009

cut out a template for the scales on the Dragon tonite and went to town w/ a can of flat black. Now it looks more like a large lizard w/ those scales all over it- i didnt do the whole car- thought it would be too much.

More paint Progress

September 9, 2009

Alan and I worked awhile last night and put the rest of the body work together after rolling it all green. Also sprayed the teeth onto the beast.

The Dragon goes Green!

September 8, 2009

Got some paint on the Dragon today, sprayed the Key Lime green on the lower panels and then taped it all up and rolled on some Enviro Green. Finish isnt terrible for a roller job either. Put some “sponsor” stickers on there for effect. Paragon donated the stickers and some t-shirt when we ordered our parts, Mongoose Chassis is the guy who built our cage, and we also have a sticker for the school he teaches at. Grassroots sticker is a must for anyone wanting to be in a magazine! Also painted the wheels today and mounted up the new tires. Starting to look like a real race car.

Building a Dragon

September 7, 2009

Saturday Alan and I picked up the Dragon from his brother in laws shop and immediately tore into the car to get it ready for the Lemons race. Sammy made the trip down from Indy and helped Alan replace the front wheel bearings and bad rear bearing. I installed the removable steering wheel hub and Sparco wheel, along w/ the cage mounted taillights and rear taillight plates.

Sunday i painted the cage w/ epoxy appliance paint, then wired up the new taillights while eliminating much of the unused wiring from the car, including all the power window wires to the doors, and removed the motors and glass. Then i sprayed the inside of the doors white, and moved the door handles up to clear the cage. Finally i edged the car in w/ the Enviro Green we purchased from Sherwin Williams which looks great. Cant wait to see this paint job finished, should be awsome.