My name is Dan. I am an admitted track junkie. I have a 944 turbo that is set up for street/track. The name Xsboost90 came when i was into turbo toyota supras a few years back. I had a 90 supra and was registered to a supra forum website under XSBOOST which was a license plate i saw on another supra from Maryland. I bought that same plate in Ohio -XSBOOST- so cool! Well there was some problem with the websites server and i had to change my screen name, so XSBOOST90 was born. After awhile everyone knew me as xsboost90 so it stuck. Alittle confusing when i got into Porsches since my first was not a 90 nor a turbo. Eventually after four P-cars i bought my first turbo 944 and the name makes sense again…mostly. Anyways, this blog is about my 24 hours of Lemons team and our progress with our entry car. The team name is Dragon Somethin’ which is a play on words since the car will be painted like a large green dragon and being a $250 car – will probl be dragging something at some point during the race.

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  1. Michael Kyle said

    Do you still have a hot lap system for sale

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