so october 8th the Dragon ran the 25hour 25min25sec race at Nelson Ledges Race track. Friday during practice we had to address some issues w/ the front shocks. Seems that one strut housing is different than the other and requires a shim- which we didnt have in there. After some customizing with some metal we managed to get it all fixed as well as tightening the front wheel bearings alittle.

That night there was a practice in the dark to test the lights and we signed up to get everyone up to speed on driving in the night. The last trip out apparently was too much for our headgasket which is surprising since we had no issues w/ heat up till this point. Three hours later and a head gasket kit we were back in business. Saturday morning the car was sitting on the grid and i was in the seat for the first two hours. Our new tires were struggling to keep traction but i still managed to keep up pretty good running ave. 1:25 lap times and finishing my stint in 5th place. Two hours later we were still in 7th and Ben climbed out to allow Sam a seat. Only 20minutes or so in the right front ball joint pin sheared off leaving the wheel on its own w/ no or little steering. Sam managed to get the car back to the paddock where we immediatly went to work on the ailing dragon. Travis from rennbay donated a lower control arm and while the car was up we noticed the radiator now had a hole in it as well. The team went to work putting the radiator in and bleeding it as i put the control arm in. I decided to decrease some camber on the front end and found the drivers spindle LOOSE! This was causing strange wear on the ds front tire and ill handling. Needless to say this was a problem. One hour later we were back on the track- this time in 40th position. We worked our way through drivers, Rob, then Alan, then back to me. At the safety break just before dark we swapped in another alternator since we were not charging well. The car ran very well and we managed to eeek up to 17th place before we suffered another breakdown. It seems that the alternator belt shredded itself and had wrapped itself around the ps brake line. Besides not charging, the car also had constant pressure on the right front brake and took a pair of new hawk track pads down to less than an 1/8th inch, and carving most of the rotor away on both sides. I had a spare rotor and gave it to the team but no spare belt. We set out towards the barn were supposedly there was a parts car. We soon had an old belt from the parts car and the car was up and running again w/ one good pad on each side. After all this we had dropped back again significantly but we were marching onward. Handling was superb and the Dragon didnt miss a beat, ending the race at the checkered flag in 29th position out of 84 or so cars that started. Our team was awsome and a big thanks to them. Drivers included Myself, Ben Lowe, SamGrant, Rob Royse, and Alan Arkus. Pit crew included Andy Kihm and John who donated their time and efforts to keep the Dragon running and fueled for 25 hours as well as pitching into to numerous other teams as well.

THis is however the last race for our team w/ the Dragon. Myself and two other drivers are also involved in NASA racing and can only spend so much time working on race cars. The Dragon has been sold to another team in Texas where it will keep up racing w/ the Chumpcar guys. Fairwell Dragon, we had our fun. Dan