Dragon Werks

September 8, 2011

so monday a couple of the guys and I spent the holiday getting some Dragon work done. Managed to swap all four corners brake pads, new front bearings and races, new/used rear shocks, changed the trans fluid and patched the oil pan crack. I also swapped the rollers on the motor out since they had been making some noise, but at the same time ended up having to put a timing belt on due to a small rip in the old one after the rotor for the distributor had apparently blown itself up at some point. Im surprised it ran at all but i really never noticed anything. I guess a piece of the rotor worked its way onto the belt and ripped it. After a good wash and some new scales on the front fenders she is looking like her old self again. Almost time to go racing!



Dragon Reincarnation!

September 4, 2011

so the Dragon has been sitting on the trailer since VIR waiting for other things to get done before i could get back to her. Finally the car is back home and ive been making things right since we had alot of body damage at the last race. The front fenders both were pretty crushed in, and both had been dented and fixed at some time in the past so they already had some body work in there. I went to town grinding all the old filler out and pulling the damaged areas out as good as possible with a slide hammer and then doing some quick bondo work to them to get the shape back. A quick coat of green and she looks good and new…well.  Now to get the team over to swap some wheel bearings, fluids and try to patch our crack we aquired in the oil pan at VIR as well.