VIRy tired

August 3, 2011

so thursday we headed nine hours down to VIR for the 24 hour race w/ the guys at Chumpcar. Friday morning we set up camp and were able to run test laps on the south course a few hours and shake the car down. Temps were super high so the car was running at the 3/4 mark all weekend. Saturday was the start of the race and the car was running great. My first two hour stint was eventful on the south course as i missed an apex, oversteering into the side of a honda hatch and bouncing then off the quarter panel as well. Throughout the race we managed to get side swiped by a supra, hit in the rear and then bouncing of a few other cars w/ the right front fender as well. It seems that 86 cars on the track and a mix good and not so good drivers doesnt always work. The car stayed hot but ran the full 24 hours. Our battery didnt charge well during the night w/ the four large lights on the hood so it wouldnt start until we stopped running them, resulting in getting towed twice after stalling the car in off track occurrences. WE also had two of our new Dunlop Direzza star specs just come apart, one of our old hancooks get severely flat spotted and one that finished the race that is chorded half way around the tire. Time for more tires and a battery…and maybe some quick bodywork.


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