Cool It!

June 20, 2011

 The car has sat on the trailer until a DE at Mid Ohio in the spring. We resolved our cooling issues and the car did great all three days even w/ two drivers. The next event was 944fest 2011 where we rented the car to someone and also ran the car in the instructor group friday and saturday.

The first problem was the KYB struts on the car started coming apart. The inserts were loose and the wheel could move back and fourth. After installing some new inserts and repacking the rear axels that were clicking, i threw on the new tires we bought for VIR next month to scrub them in abit. These Dunlop Direzza’s are great but we could only find them in 205 instead of 225- and no other tires either w/ the needed 200 or greater treadwear.  I put the car in the rallycross and ended up knocking the radiator out. Luckily a fest’er had another radiator and lower hose so i fixed the car at the event, only to knock it out once again during the track event. Looks like before VIR in july i’ll be doing some freshening of the dragon.


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