Basic Dragon

April 27, 2011

Well we made it to WI and had a blast at Road America dispite the cold rainy weather. We finished our seven hour race on saturday in 6th place, we would have been top three if our rear tire hadnt decided to let go and really set us back. After repairing our leaking radiator over night we were back out on sunday only to have shifter problems, traction problems and i guess the radiator wasnt bled out completely, making the car run hot. One of the wings decided to fall off before the end of the race also and was destroyed. I cut the other one off and i think we’ll stick w/ the new aero look. We decided to scrap the race sunday which was becoming a scary mess w/ cars crashed and off track everywhere. Our new motor did AWSOME though and used very little oil, our oil change revealed our bearings were doing well also.┬áIncluded is a pic of my daughter in her Dragon costume as our newest mascot.

A couple weeks later we took the car to Mid Ohio for a DE and it pulled double duty for Alan and I tracking, taste of the track and taking my student out. Used only half a quart in three days. We may have found our motor! The next race is in July at VIR and we just need to change the fluids, get some tires and get to the track.

ALso our new disconnect proved too flimsy so we scrapped it and went with a very solid handle w/ a heim joint connection. We could tow the car by this one!