Been awhile- Update on Dragon status

February 6, 2011

well its been awhile since ive posted on the Dragon blog so i thought i would start updating. After my last post we hauled the Dragon out to Virginia to VIR and drove in the Chumpcar 24 hour race. We had a blast and came in THIRD place from 35 or so cars.  After that we attended the 944fest and ran some laps at Nelson Ledges raceway but a bad injector burnt a valve and ended our weekend sooner than hoped. We signed up for the October Chumpcar race at Putnam park and 5 hours into our first 7 hour race a bad headgasket hydrolocked the motor and blew the number 2 rod through the oil pan.

We now have our third motor installed. This one is in better shape than the last and we spent alittle more time checking our work and less drinking beers. Well still alittle time drinking beer but less. We’ve also pulled the windshield to move the top bar of the rollcage forward for head clearance and we are updating our equipment like new window net, harnesses and moving the emergency shutoff per CHumpcar rules. The Dragon should be ready for some test drives this week and maybe a break-in run this weekend.


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