Down to the wires

February 27, 2011

decided to make a center console/switch panel for the Dragon. I started w/ a 1×2′ piece of diamond plate aluminum and traced a pattern on, cut it out and bent it up. I wanted to eliminate the factory switches like the wiper stalk, headlight switch and high beam switch, as well as include some extra stuff. After tracing the wires out i ended up w/ a two way switch for the headlights, hi/low beam and also a two way switch for the wipers. Then i added a single switch for the fog lights and one for our hardwired transponder etc. – Then we cut out a hole in the console for our Momo horn button sincewe have a detachable wheel. After tracing the wiring out i decided that our nest of wires rolled up under the dash had to go, so snip snip and a few pounds of wiring was gone. Now to get everything installed and cleaned up.

Wisconsin or Bust!

February 14, 2011

so in almost a month the Dragon Somethin’ team will be heading out to WI to race at Road America with the gentlemen from Chumpcar series. We have already reserved an RV to use as our home base since temps will likely be low. Saturday everyone on the team got a chance to testdrive the Dragon a few laps at an undisclosed location to try out the new motor, seating position and belts. All went well and besides a couple small adjustments the car is ready. Im still working on a switch panel that will hold our emergency disconnect, headlight, foglight, wiper and auxillary switches, and our 12v accessory plugs.

well its been awhile since ive posted on the Dragon blog so i thought i would start updating. After my last post we hauled the Dragon out to Virginia to VIR and drove in the Chumpcar 24 hour race. We had a blast and came in THIRD place from 35 or so cars.  After that we attended the 944fest and ran some laps at Nelson Ledges raceway but a bad injector burnt a valve and ended our weekend sooner than hoped. We signed up for the October Chumpcar race at Putnam park and 5 hours into our first 7 hour race a bad headgasket hydrolocked the motor and blew the number 2 rod through the oil pan.

We now have our third motor installed. This one is in better shape than the last and we spent alittle more time checking our work and less drinking beers. Well still alittle time drinking beer but less. We’ve also pulled the windshield to move the top bar of the rollcage forward for head clearance and we are updating our equipment like new window net, harnesses and moving the emergency shutoff per CHumpcar rules. The Dragon should be ready for some test drives this week and maybe a break-in run this weekend.