Cursed Dragon

October 7, 2009

well the Dragon made it to the Lemons race on thursday, and received alot of attention. Friday we drove through tech w/ no problems and got 15 BS laps from the judges for being a Porsche and we bribed them w/ some scotch. We found out that our lights were inadequate for the night driving so we attached some factory lights to our header panel and wired them up Saturday morning which worked great. The team voted me to take the first stint out and withing a half hour i was back in w/ overheating issues, which ended up being  a split hose, no thermostat and a blown head gasket. Several hours later we were back on track and running great. We all got another seat in the car before midnight when we were voted peoples curse- why i will never know. The judges carried out the punishment by pouring a gallon of sodium silicate into the oil of our car and having us drive it back to our paddock. This basically clogged up all of the oil ports in the motor and eventually lead to its demise. WE did send Van out for one last flying lap around the track before it died though.

Not to worry, tonite we bought a new motor for the dragon and in the next few weeks it’ll be breathing fire once again. The Dragon will be back, with a vengence.


One Response to “Cursed Dragon”

  1. Steve said

    Ah, that sucks! Hope you had fun anyway.

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