One week to go!!

September 28, 2009

well with one week to go Dragon Somethin’ is in good shape for the race. Got our numbers cut out the other day w/ the windshield banner and stuck those all on, mounted our Halon extinguisher (from my garage wall) in the car w/ a metal braket since HD doesnt have them anymore apparently, and finished our seatbelt install after US Race Gear donated the parts we were missing. We also have one sponsor kicking in money for gas w/ yet another sticker to install. I took the car on a trailer over to the VW Porsche reunion show today and signed up to show just for laughs. Lots of pictures taken and people checking out the Dragon- especially kids. Funny part is due to crappy cold wet weather alot of people bailed early and i ended up winning a TOP20 award w/ the car!!! Pretty funny i thought. Started tonite packing for the race- lots and lots of crap inside the car- she is loaded down. Wish us luck.


2 Responses to “One week to go!!”

  1. Mike Dworek said


    I saw the Dragon at the VW show. Pix went to my friend in Wales—–loved it. I wish I’d known it was yours. I talked to you at P2O about replacing the nose on my 944. HELP!!! I removed the 4 top screws, the 4 8mm nuts in front of the lights, & the 2 10mm screws that go into the fender. What else do I need to do to remove the OEM nose? It appears there is a tab in the fender that holds the nose in place. Please don’t tell me that I need to remove the fender. Also, where besides GT Racing can I find a nose similar to the one on your 951?


    • xsboost90 said

      you should have the nose panel loose- its usually wedged between the fenders so give it a tug. I usually put painters tape around it when messing w/ it in case i scratch something. If your car is an n/a you can put a 924 turbo nose on it- if its a turbo not sure about getting a nose like mine w/o making one- from a 924t nose panel and your stocker.

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