Caged Dragon

August 24, 2009

alot of progress this weekend on the race car and the cage is almost in. Alans brother in law says it could be done next weekend. Here are some progress pics of the cage install.

we also have a “sponsor” who is sending us some brake pads from way up in canada!

Update- been awhile.

August 23, 2009

this weekend Alan is headed up to Lima to help with the rollcage install. Hopefully we’ll be picking the car up in the next couple weeks.Then we can get the car painted

 A couple driver changes recently as well. TJ and Andy Kihm have both bowed out of the race but in their place comes Van from NY who is a club racer, PCA chief instructor, and Tom from columbus who has experience w/ these cars and a big ole trailer and alot of enthusiasm. They both should be a great fit for the team.


August 8, 2009

today is the last day to send the payment in for our team. I am scrambling around trying to collect the funds as well as parts for the car for its return in a week or two. We have new wheel bearings for the car upon its arrival and hopefully some green paint soon. I think ive figured out how to attach the donated window net using some old seat belts and metal tubing. Still trying to hunt down some cheap 225/50/15 tires for our spare wheels but its proving harder than i would have thought.

i have been granted access to my dad’s enclosed bike trailer for the race which will double as storage and a sleeping quarters. I also had a friend who writes for a porsche magazine approach me about sponsorship. We’ll have to be careful about what we spend the money on since it could count towards our $500 minimum. I also purchased some Grassroots Motorsports Magazine stickers for the car – maybe we’ll get into the mag after the race!

Cage the Dragon

August 2, 2009

Alan and I drove up to Lima today and dropped the “dragon” off at the shop to get the full cage welded in. Looks like the car is in good hands and should be pretty sweet when its done. Time to start collecting the materials for the dragon paintjob now while the car is gone….