progress report 7/11

July 11, 2009

got the new cut off switch in the mail this week and had Alan and Andy come over to help out with prepping the car. Got the switch mounted in the hood where the passenger side windshield squirter used to be. Then we routed the negative battery cable through the switch as well as the chassis ground. Then on the second set of switched lugs, we connected the coil power in line. This results in total shutdown of the battery and car when the switch is thrown.

I had Alan install the brake master that Andy had in a box in his parts house-i mean garage- and bleed the system out w/ more super blue. Spent most of the time drinking and discussing possible paint schemes for the dragon car but i think i have it figured out in my head so we’ll see how it looks on the car. Andy works at a paint store so we are trying to get them to donate some green industrial paint towards the car.

Oh! also got our G-Force Camlock six point harness in the mail today- picked it up for $25 from the Rennlist website-score!


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