Problem solved!

July 7, 2009

went over to Andy’s “parts house” tonite and after he routed around in a couple boxes came out with a nice master cylinder for the Dragon Somethin’ car. I took the old one off tonite and had to pump out a quart of brake fluid from the inside of the brake booster.

The battery shut off i purchased from Harbor Freight is not going to work as it is only a two lug connection and we need at least four lugs so we can shut off the battery and the coil or DME circuit at once. Sam ordered us one from a recommended website i got off the Lemons forum so after that we’ll be set. He’s also tracking down a steering wheel.

Talked Andy into rounding up the fluids for the car- trans fluid, case of 20w50 oil, water wetter etc…we also bounced some ideas off each other for setting up the wiring and switches etc for the car. I think the next lemons meeting may end up being the Porsches 2 Oxford show as most of us will be ther already.


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