New team member

July 30, 2009

well after one of our team members had to leave us due to scheduling conflicts we began looking for another sixth driver. Thankfully VAN from came through and is filling the spot. He is a PCA instructor and Club Racer so he should have no problem filling the requirement which is getting the car around the track.

-Havent touched the car lately, too many projects, but i have driven it down the street to clean off the rotors and the car will be going 100miles north to get the cage welded in this weekend.


July 27, 2009

just got our acceptance email from Jay Lamm and we are in the race. Good news as we can now get the bars welded in and start spending alittle on the car. Our car number has been chosen- 44 – thought it would be appropriate for the car. Time to get working again!

progress report 7/11

July 11, 2009

got the new cut off switch in the mail this week and had Alan and Andy come over to help out with prepping the car. Got the switch mounted in the hood where the passenger side windshield squirter used to be. Then we routed the negative battery cable through the switch as well as the chassis ground. Then on the second set of switched lugs, we connected the coil power in line. This results in total shutdown of the battery and car when the switch is thrown.

I had Alan install the brake master that Andy had in a box in his parts house-i mean garage- and bleed the system out w/ more super blue. Spent most of the time drinking and discussing possible paint schemes for the dragon car but i think i have it figured out in my head so we’ll see how it looks on the car. Andy works at a paint store so we are trying to get them to donate some green industrial paint towards the car.

Oh! also got our G-Force Camlock six point harness in the mail today- picked it up for $25 from the Rennlist website-score!

Problem solved!

July 7, 2009

went over to Andy’s “parts house” tonite and after he routed around in a couple boxes came out with a nice master cylinder for the Dragon Somethin’ car. I took the old one off tonite and had to pump out a quart of brake fluid from the inside of the brake booster.

The battery shut off i purchased from Harbor Freight is not going to work as it is only a two lug connection and we need at least four lugs so we can shut off the battery and the coil or DME circuit at once. Sam ordered us one from a recommended website i got off the Lemons forum so after that we’ll be set. He’s also tracking down a steering wheel.

Talked Andy into rounding up the fluids for the car- trans fluid, case of 20w50 oil, water wetter etc…we also bounced some ideas off each other for setting up the wiring and switches etc for the car. I think the next lemons meeting may end up being the Porsches 2 Oxford show as most of us will be ther already.