We have power steering!

June 28, 2009

doesnt sound like a big deal but the PO of the car we are using pulled the power steering pump off the car and driving without it is a struggle. I had a few pumps laying on a shelf in my garage of unknown condition so i decided to throw some parts at it and see what happened. Got the pump on and had to get Andy to pitch in a couple banjo bolts to put the lines on. Filled it with fluid and started her up and it started dumping red fluid all over the floor. Ends up the high pressure line by the drivers side engine mount was split. I also had a couple crossmembers upstairs w/ high pressure lines still attached-who would ever need one of those?- and pulled one off and swapped it over. After some sweat and greasy hands got the new line on, bled the system out and now we have power steering. Next on the list is the brakes. They suck. Not sure if they need a good bleeding or a new master cylinder and lines- prob not a bad idea but parts add up fast- i think Andy is donating some more parts off his n/a since he is swapping to turbo brakes so we may luck out some more.


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