June 28, 2009

Got alot done today. Alan and I tore into the green machine, ripping the HVAC out of the car, cutting the new dash horizontally down the middle and installing the new crash bumpers. We cut up some factory front coil springs and put them around the bumper shocks to add to the spring behind the bumper. Hopefully this will deflect more impact in case we hit or get hit on the track and keep the car from being hurt.
-i drilled some new holes and finished up the race seat install today, which is riding on a stock seat slider for our varied height team. Alan wired up the loose stuff under the car, like deleting the brake pad sensors, and we removed the wheel well liners and all extra stuff hanging on the car that could come loose and be trouble.
-picked up another driver today- Andy Kihm decided he could drive the car and be our FIFTH driver. He also has a ton of spare porsche parts incase we get in a pinch.


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