:( brake fail

June 30, 2009

came out today and theres blue fluid on the ground- looks like the master cylinder is bad.

and we have Brakes!

June 29, 2009

decided what the heck i’ll try to bleed the brakes and see what happens- did all four and wala they work great! Now im off to build a cover for the spot where the blower/a/c heat stuff was…

We have power steering!

June 28, 2009

doesnt sound like a big deal but the PO of the car we are using pulled the power steering pump off the car and driving without it is a struggle. I had a few pumps laying on a shelf in my garage of unknown condition so i decided to throw some parts at it and see what happened. Got the pump on and had to get Andy to pitch in a couple banjo bolts to put the lines on. Filled it with fluid and started her up and it started dumping red fluid all over the floor. Ends up the high pressure line by the drivers side engine mount was split. I also had a couple crossmembers upstairs w/ high pressure lines still attached-who would ever need one of those?- and pulled one off and swapped it over. After some sweat and greasy hands got the new line on, bled the system out and now we have power steering. Next on the list is the brakes. They suck. Not sure if they need a good bleeding or a new master cylinder and lines- prob not a bad idea but parts add up fast- i think Andy is donating some more parts off his n/a since he is swapping to turbo brakes so we may luck out some more.


June 28, 2009

Got alot done today. Alan and I tore into the green machine, ripping the HVAC out of the car, cutting the new dash horizontally down the middle and installing the new crash bumpers. We cut up some factory front coil springs and put them around the bumper shocks to add to the spring behind the bumper. Hopefully this will deflect more impact in case we hit or get hit on the track and keep the car from being hurt.
-i drilled some new holes and finished up the race seat install today, which is riding on a stock seat slider for our varied height team. Alan wired up the loose stuff under the car, like deleting the brake pad sensors, and we removed the wheel well liners and all extra stuff hanging on the car that could come loose and be trouble.
-picked up another driver today- Andy Kihm decided he could drive the car and be our FIFTH driver. He also has a ton of spare porsche parts incase we get in a pinch.


June 26, 2009

since the car doesnt need to be concours ready, and since the price would be included into the total cost of the car, we are going to do a roll on job.

supplies would include a gallon of rustoleum green, mineral spirits and a roller sponge. I’ll get pics when this starts and I will be adding the graphics with spray cans i have in my garage. First things first though, need to finish cleaning out the interior for the roll bar guy to do his thing.

Lizard theme!

Lizard theme!

Our car-

This was the first car of a girl in Virginia, given to her by her father in 2004. She drove the car until graduation when her father gave her a turbo 944 to drive to college, so this car sat. In 2007 her new boyfriend took interest in the car and bought it for $1000 w/ almost 200k on the clock. Being a friend of mine, I helped him to replace the waterpump, timing belt, springs, shocks and some other maintenance items. He also had a BMW and a 944s2 cabriolet which I was doing a turbo motor swap into. This car remained as his daily driver until in 2008 he was in town (Cincinnati) and ran into a deer on a twisty back road. The car took a pretty good hit and needed a fender, door, mirror and quarter panel, not to mention the interior was in pretty bad shape already. The car limped over to my house and sat awaiting repair or parting out, when he offered me the car for $250 as partial payment towards money owed on the turbo cab swap. I at first declined the car but before he came to pick it up a friend of mine – Sam Grant- told me he was thinking of running a car in the LeMons race. I quickly called my friend up and told him I would take it. My buddy Andy Kihm offered up a fender, door and anything else needed to fix the car as long as he could be on the LeMons team- so our team was born. The summer of 2008 we started preparing the car by pulling parts out and selling them off but as it turns out Sam and I both had too much going on in 2008 to make the race. The car went into storage until 2009 when we started back up selling off parts. Much of the interior was junk and was thrown away but we did manage to sell the console, headliners, foglights, and some random pieces. Alan Arkus, who had been showing up at track events and hanging out w/ the 944 guys for a year or two decided to join the team, and his brother in law was a race car fabricator who built cool things like tubular a-arms and roll cages in his spare time. He was drafted to build the cage for the LeMons car, and since he was interested in selling these cages pre-fabbed for 944cup series guys, he was doing ours for materials cost. Sam’s friend Ben Lowe is also into 944’s and having had just parted out wrecked car donated a couple parts and decided to join the team as well. A well rounded team has 6 drivers, so I recruited a good friend TJ Pugh, a great track driver and 968 racer, to be our STIG. TJ also had an enclosed trailer so we decided he should definitely be on the team.  As the date of the 2009 race began creeping closer we needed a theme for our car. It seemed no matter how much we drank a good idea would just not come to us. Themes bounced off each other ranged from Porsche race car themes to German Dukes of Weissach and a Hairy Ballsack car. Then it hit me as I stared into my bottle of Heineken, Dragon Somethin! After talking it over with my 9 year old consultant we expanded from just Dragon Somethin’ into a full out Dragon Car theme with a Knight costume and 3d scales on the car etc. Now what to do about some flame throwers…